Shipping from Papua New Guinea to United States

Papua New Guinea is located in Melanesia and has a population of 9.9 million people. United States belongs to Northern America and its population is approximately 332 million. United States is one of the world's top countries by GDP. It is also among leading importers by value of imported goods. United States's main import products are machinery, transport equipment, chemicals, fuels and mining products.

Transport infrustructure and shipping connectivity

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has fair sea connections served by a number of shipping companies. It appears to have limited or no freight rail infrastructure. Air freight does not appear to be particularly common for shipping goods from Papua New Guinea.

United States

United States has outstanding connectivity by sea and frequently serviced by many sea carriers. It has the largest rail infrastructures in the world and rail freight plays important role in country's cargo traffic. There is relatively large amount of air freight in United States's cargo traffic.

Overview of shipping alternatives between Papua New Guinea and United States

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