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Validate container number

Acceptable formatting of container numbers: ABCU123456-7, ABCU123456/7, ABCU123456 7, ABCU1234567.
Usage tip: You may enter several container numbers separated by comma or line breaks.

About container number validator

Manual data entry still has its place in the transport industry, leaving room for a human error. The last digit of a container number, the check digit, helps to check integrity of the container number and detect possible errors. This container number validator tool lets you quickly check container numbers for errors. Using this tool, checking one number or a whole list of containers only takes a quick moment.

Container number structure

Container number is a unique identifier of a shipping container. Container number consists of 4-letter prefix and 7 digits.

The 4-letter prefix consists of 3-letter owner identifier and 1-letter equipment type identifier (e.g. U for freight containers). The 7 digits include a 6-digit serial number, followed by the check-digit. The check digit allows to verify integrity of container number and discover possible errors. This container number checker uses the checkdigit to detect possible errors in container numbers.