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Cargorouter is a route planner for shipping containerized cargo. By applying a proprietary routing algorithm to a massive collection of data it estimates best shipping alternatives based on three criteria — transport costs, transit time and CO2 emissions.

Instantly generated shipping alternatives with trade leads to relevant service providers save countless hours of research and make Cargorouter a valuable tool for shippers, especially when dealing with lesser familiar markets.

A Marketing Platform for Transport Services

Logistics service providers have the opportunity to submit information about their services to Cargorouter. Cargorouter integrates this information in route calculations and displays relevant service providers in routing results, thereby serving as a unique marketing platform for transport services with highly targeted exposure.

Supporting Environmentally Responsible Logistics

Cargorouter aims to help businesses increase supply chain efficiency and reduce environmental imprint. This is why every route suggestion includes a relative CO2 estimation — to help responsible businesses take a step forward in the right direction.

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Reference guide

Logistics reference guide to sea ports, cargo airports, rail terminals + helper tools.

Cargo Ports

Global cargo port directory with information on port codes, location and liner connections covering 800+ ports around the world

Port directory

Rail Yards

Growing international rail yard directory, currently covering 20+ countries on 3 continents

Rail terminal directory


Global airport directory with IATA airport codes and location information

Airport directory

Container number

A convenient tool for checking container numbers to help avoid documentation mistakes. Check single or multiple container numbers with a click of a button.

Container number checker

Container specs

Check container type and technical specifications of container by container ISO code

Check container specs

Registered Member Benefits

In order to provide members with best user experience we limit resources available to guest visitors. As part of this limitation, we offer guest visitors three routing requests per day and reserve customer service for members only. Becoming a registered member removes guest limitations. In addition, registration enables transport service providers to promote relevant services to thousands of prospective clients via Cargorouter network.

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